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Are you building a dealer locator for your web site? Look here.

Do you want to provide a feature on your web site that allows customers to find your store location nearest them, or other similar functions? We can get you started. You will need two things:

1. Program Code for Your Web Site

We provide programming code in a variety of languages for calculating the distance between two latitude/longitudes. Your web programmer will need to integrate this code with your existing web site infrastructure. Click on your programming technology to download the code. This code is provided free of charge and is not supported:

Basic code for calculating the distance
between two ZIP codes:
ASP C/C++ C# ColdFusion
Java JavaScript MS-SQL Perl
PHP PL/SQL Visual Basic
More detailed code, includes radius
searches and more:

2. A ZIP Code Database

To make the above solutions work, you will need the ZIP code data. Our Web License of Zipwise Geo is provided for this purpose. This gives all the latitude and longitude data for every current ZIP code, which is needed to calculate distances. The license provides for unlimited access via your web site.

Zipwise is not able to provide technical support for your web site.

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