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ZIP Master

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the system requirements?

ZIP Master is compatible with all current and recent versions of Windows.

Is this for batch processing nearest locations in bulk, or one-at-a-time lookups?

ZIP Master is for one-at-a-time lookups. Proximity Pro is our product for batch processing of large lists.

Can I find ZIP Codes within a given radius?

Yes, ZIP Master makes this very easy. Simply enter the source ZIP code and the radius in miles, and you'll get a complete list.

I want to tell a customer which of my locations are nearest to him.

No problem. ZIP Master allows you to import your list of locations. Once you've done that, ZIP Master can easily list the nearest locations to any customer's ZIP code.

What about updates?

The post office updates ZIP codes every month, so if ongoing accuracy is important, you'll want to periodically update ZIP Master's internal geographic database. Update files are available for purchase here.

Does ZIP Master have an API, or can I integrate it with my web site?

No, please look here instead.

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