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ZIP Codes Radius

ZIP Master

Find ZIP Codes Within a Radius, Find Closest Locations, Calculate Distance, More

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Find ZIP Codes Within a Radius: Find all the ZIP codes within a certain distance of any location

Find Your Nearest Locations: Import a list of all your stores, service centers, or sales reps, and instantly find a list of the nearest ones to any location

Look Up Information: Find the city, county, state, area code, FIPS code, time zone, daylight savings, latitude and longitude for any ZIP code

Search for ZIP codes: Enter the city, state, county, or whatever else you know and find a list of all matching ZIP codes

Measure the Distance Between ZIP Codes: type two ZIP codes and see the distance between them

Versions for the US and Canada.

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ZIP Master™ Software is your ultimate, easy-to-use, point-and-click software for everyone in your office. Easily find ZIP codes within a radius of any starting point. No need to calculate latitudes and longitudes or draw circles on a map.

With ZIP Master, radius searches are a snap. You can export or print lists of ZIP codes, customers, dealers, service centers, or anything else that are within a certain distance of any starting point. Easily generate a list of each customer's nearest service centers. Easily assign a salesperson to the nearest ZIP codes in his territory.

You can also easily determine the distance between ZIP codes by simply entering both and clicking a button. ZIP Master™ contains a full database of all current US ZIP codes or Canadian postal codes, so you can look up virtually any information you want with just one click. Its "killer feature" is the easy ability to find locations or ZIP codes within a radius, or to display the distance between multiple ZIP codes.

ZIP code lookups are a snap. Its integrated ZIP code database means you don't have to do any unwanted work. It's easy to find a US ZIP code or do reverse ZIP code lookups.

ZIP Master™ runs on Windows computers. No extra software is needed.

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